Aleph Networks : Exploration of the Dark and Deep Webs.

Aleph Networks is a firm offering solutions to monitor the Dark and Deep Webs. Aleph Networks has developed a technology that can massively index data as well as technologies for military or legal purposes. The firm provides a technology that can quickly understand a company’s environment to better protect it and map out the existing links of influence and exchanges between competitors and suppliers. 


Ethera – R Check : air analysis tool

Ethera – R Check is an air analysis tool which detects the concentration of carcinogenic chemical pollutants after one hour of analysis (formaldehyde, fine particles, volatile organic compounds) and then gives advice to clean up its environment.

Numii : The first industrial connected object, which generates a database on human work.

Health at work is a major challenge for our society. Strain today is the same as it was 100 years ago. Nothing has changed, nothing is happening, and nothing is getting better. Workers suffer just as much as they did in the nineteen hundreds with difficult, repetitive tasks. Now, more than ever, is the time for a major global change, for a boost in national and international responses to the epidemic that is professional illness. This will enable us to really protect the health, and ultimately, the life of workers.


Linkurious : Graph intelligence platform

Make data a best asset against fraud, money laundering and cyber threats.

Linkurious designs innovative technology that helps rethink how work with data. They bring together  analytics, graph and data visualization in one platform so people can better detect and investigate threats.


Connected garden – Archibald : Digital gardener

Connected garden – Archibald : Digital gardener who helps to choose his plants according to his environment: quality of the land, brightness and climate.

Archibald wants to revolutionize and dust off the way of gardening, since for the very first time, the digital economy is put at the service of gardening. With his « Super Sensor » connected, Archibald can analyze the earth, the brightness, and the climate, then report back to you on the application. When first used, simply place the probe in soil. After 24 hours, Archibald will be able to advise you on the choice of the best plants for your garden or balcony. It’s up to you to choose the plants you prefer.

Numalis : Analyse de logiciels pour détecter et corriger les vulnérabilités numériques

Numalis provides its tools for validating and optimizing sensitive industrial programs headed for critical sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace and defense.
Numalis‘ tools allow to validate programs and increase their reliability while improving their performance. They automatically correct digital defects during the design phases, well before the test phases. In this way, Numalis avoids incidents for its customers, the consequences of which are sometimes measured in millions of euros.