Aleph Networks : Exploration of the Dark and Deep Webs.

Aleph Networks is a firm offering solutions to monitor the Dark and Deep Webs. Aleph Networks has developed a technology that can massively index data as well as technologies for military or legal purposes. The firm provides a technology that can quickly understand a company’s environment to better protect it and map out the existing links of influence and exchanges between competitors and suppliers. 


Linkurious : Graph intelligence platform

Make data a best asset against fraud, money laundering and cyber threats.

Linkurious designs innovative technology that helps rethink how work with data. They bring together  analytics, graph and data visualization in one platform so people can better detect and investigate threats.


Numalis : Analyse de logiciels pour détecter et corriger les vulnérabilités numériques

Numalis provides its tools for validating and optimizing sensitive industrial programs headed for critical sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace and defense.
Numalis‘ tools allow to validate programs and increase their reliability while improving their performance. They automatically correct digital defects during the design phases, well before the test phases. In this way, Numalis avoids incidents for its customers, the consequences of which are sometimes measured in millions of euros.


DevPriv : Personal server on the go

DevPriv is a personal server that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to ensure the safety of its user when connecting to a public WiFi or using an infected USB key. Coming from a military technology, it also promises to destroy the information it contains if it is stolen and you try to access it.

CerbAir : Anti-drone fight

CerbAir is the leading French player in the fight against drones. Protection of sites, sensitive events: whatever the risk, trust our experts for the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.


Internest : Accuracy landing in complex environment

Internest‘s ambition is to assist and improve drones and helicopters’ flight safety in their critical operations.

Therefore, Internest‘s team has designed and developed LoLaS (Local Landing System), an embedded system based on hardware components and their firmware.

Thanks to the fusion of multiple technologies LoLaS provides an accurate and reliable positioning of information, the weather or the environment.


Sterblue : Autopilot solution adaptable to all drones on the market

Autopilot solution adaptable to all drones on the market, which will adapt to civilian markets. Created by Airbus alumni.

Sterblue builds software that helps drones inspect power lines and wind turbines. Sterblue software guides drones along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures, finds anomalies from the collected images, and outputs reports. The whole process is automated and triggered by the click of a button, using off-the-shelf drones.



VoltAero : Electric Hybrid Aircraft

VoltAero propels the electric plane to a higher level.

With 10 years of research and innovative expertise, VoltAero is developing a truly unique light aircraft with a hybrid-electric hybrid propulsion system for safe, quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly flying.