Connected garden – Archibald : Digital gardener

Connected garden – Archibald : Digital gardener who helps to choose his plants according to his environment: quality of the land, brightness and climate.

Archibald wants to revolutionize and dust off the way of gardening, since for the very first time, the digital economy is put at the service of gardening. With his « Super Sensor » connected, Archibald can analyze the earth, the brightness, and the climate, then report back to you on the application. When first used, simply place the probe in soil. After 24 hours, Archibald will be able to advise you on the choice of the best plants for your garden or balcony. It’s up to you to choose the plants you prefer.

Sencrop : Connected weather stations for farmers

Our mission is to democratize precision technology to put it at the service of all and a more efficient agriculture that respects ecosystems. Sencrop develops connected, accessible and collaborative solutions around agri-environmental data.

The agro-meteo station connected, accessible to all: Rain gauges & anemometers connected to the service of a more precise, more efficient and more respectful agriculture ecosystems. 

Naïo Technologies : weeding robots

Naïo Technologies : weeding robots, in particular to avoid the contested phytosanitary products.

Created in November 2011, Naïo Technologies creates and markets agricultural robots for weeding and hoeing of agricultural and wine-growing crops. All our tools are intended to facilitate the day-to-day lives of farmers for a more humane, healthy and sustainable agriculture. 

Beelife – Cocoon : Hive connected

Beelife – Cocoon is a connected beehive that protects bees against a parasite – Varroa – and retains heat to help bees live longer, harvest more honey and live in a healthier habitat. Its on-board computer warns the beekeeper of detected anomalies and manages energy and thermal regulation autonomously.