RB3D : exoskeleton for handling

RB3D develops support robots for heavy-duty and tool-work applications. These physical assistance robots are designed to bring you power and endurance to increase your efficiency and perform your painful manual tasks without the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). 

Our aim is to become a key supplier of cobotic solutions in the following industrial fields: Metals, Automotive Industry, Aeronotics, Logistics, Defense, Plastics, Fgri-Food and Mechanical Industry.


Ulula : platform for the collection and analysis of societal data in supply chains.

Ulula are Questionnaires offered to small wage earners in producing countries. The collection of these data makes it possible to see if the practices of CSR, Human Rights and Environmental are respected throughout the process of the supply chain of major groups. Sort of « alarm launcher ».

Multichannel, multilingual, bidirectional, anonymous, real-time application using artificial intelligence.

GEOFLEX : Precise geolocation industrial solution

GEOFLEX: disruptive innovations at the service of GNSS precision

Allow end users to position themselves in real time anywhere in the world with a precision of a few centimeters by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), where current systems like GPS (US system), GLONASS (Russian system), BEIDOU ( Chinese system) or GALILEO (European system) only guarantee a precision of the order of 5 to 10 meters: the bet may seem daring and yet it is about to be realized.

Zéro Phyto Pro : The e-commerce site of alternatives to pesticides

ZERO-PHYTO-PRO.COM has the ambition to be the Reference Platform, where professionals, stakeholders of agricultural sectors, communities, service providers and individuals will be able to find high-performance alternative solutions, as well as feedback from experience, field analysis, advice, tutorials, experts committed to the zero pesticide, and a whole range of solutions to enrich and sustainably clean the soil, feed, stimulate plants, and protect them against pests and diseases.

Quos : innovative urban systems

Quos designs and manufactures innovative urban systems for citizens, town halls and industries. Inscribed in sustainable development, Quos is founded on three pillars: Use of renewable energies and eco-friendly materials, short-circuit products manufacturing and design in accordance with a modern urban environment.

Quos provides a turnkey service, connected by a secure platform, accessible via the internet and intuitive and modern interfaces to its most demanding customers.

Naïo Technologies : weeding robots

Naïo Technologies : weeding robots, in particular to avoid the contested phytosanitary products.

Created in November 2011, Naïo Technologies creates and markets agricultural robots for weeding and hoeing of agricultural and wine-growing crops. All our tools are intended to facilitate the day-to-day lives of farmers for a more humane, healthy and sustainable agriculture. 

Koovea – K-Hub : Innovative and complete logistics offer

Koovea – K-Hub : Innovative and complete logistics offer that allows to control the continuity of the cold chain during the transport of sensitive products thanks to a real time and automated connected monitoring of their temperature.

Koovea is an innovative and comprehensive offer for real-time temperature monitoring of your products worldwide. We guarantee through a global service the respect of the cold chain to maintain the viability of your most sensitive products from their manufacture to their use.

Sterblue : Autopilot solution adaptable to all drones on the market

Autopilot solution adaptable to all drones on the market, which will adapt to civilian markets. Created by Airbus alumni.

Sterblue builds software that helps drones inspect power lines and wind turbines. Sterblue software guides drones along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures, finds anomalies from the collected images, and outputs reports. The whole process is automated and triggered by the click of a button, using off-the-shelf drones.