GEOFLEX : Precise geolocation industrial solution

GEOFLEX: disruptive innovations at the service of GNSS precision

Allow end users to position themselves in real time anywhere in the world with a precision of a few centimeters by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), where current systems like GPS (US system), GLONASS (Russian system), BEIDOU ( Chinese system) or GALILEO (European system) only guarantee a precision of the order of 5 to 10 meters: the bet may seem daring and yet it is about to be realized.

Quos : innovative urban systems

Quos designs and manufactures innovative urban systems for citizens, town halls and industries. Inscribed in sustainable development, Quos is founded on three pillars: Use of renewable energies and eco-friendly materials, short-circuit products manufacturing and design in accordance with a modern urban environment.

Quos provides a turnkey service, connected by a secure platform, accessible via the internet and intuitive and modern interfaces to its most demanding customers.