Bioxegy : agence d’innovation et d’expertise en biomimétisme.

3.8 billions of years of R&D

Biomimicry: bet on the know-how of nature. The living is a great source of intelligent solutions. It is full of powerful techniques, optimized concepts and strategies proven by millions of years of evolution.

Bioxegy mobilises its biomimicry expertise and a network of focused Scientific and technological expertise to jointly codesign technologies, services and processes with your teams.

Pagachey : Digital platform that acts against food waste

Pagachey : Digital platform that acts against food waste by connecting individuals, neighborhood traders with their neighborhood.

In the current food system in France, Pagachey provides the necessary complement to not spoil food that could be unsold or lost. Pagachey promotes 3 main values:

  • Minimizing food waste is our first goal.
  • The hygiene standards are paramount, Pagachey aims to guarantee and promote them.
  • Encourage nice meetings around good food plans.

Ulula : platform for the collection and analysis of societal data in supply chains.

Ulula are Questionnaires offered to small wage earners in producing countries. The collection of these data makes it possible to see if the practices of CSR, Human Rights and Environmental are respected throughout the process of the supply chain of major groups. Sort of « alarm launcher ».

Multichannel, multilingual, bidirectional, anonymous, real-time application using artificial intelligence.

Zéro Phyto Pro : The e-commerce site of alternatives to pesticides

ZERO-PHYTO-PRO.COM has the ambition to be the Reference Platform, where professionals, stakeholders of agricultural sectors, communities, service providers and individuals will be able to find high-performance alternative solutions, as well as feedback from experience, field analysis, advice, tutorials, experts committed to the zero pesticide, and a whole range of solutions to enrich and sustainably clean the soil, feed, stimulate plants, and protect them against pests and diseases.