EVBox : the world’s leading manufacturer of charging stations

EVBox : EVBox is the world’s leading manufacturer of charging stations for electric vehicles and related services.

We are the world leader in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and charging management platforms. With more than 75,000 charging points installed worldwide, including 700 fast chargers in 55 countries, EVBox drives sustainable mobility by offering reliable charging solutions around the world. 

DevPriv : Personal server on the go

DevPriv is a personal server that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to ensure the safety of its user when connecting to a public WiFi or using an infected USB key. Coming from a military technology, it also promises to destroy the information it contains if it is stolen and you try to access it.

Stimul Activ’: Professional digital tools to support people with neurodegenerative disorders.

Stimul’Activ is born from a statement: even though they offer exceptional opportunities, new technologies are still too little used by professionals accompanying elderly people, aging disability, as well as spectrum disorder autistic (TSA). Convinced that an innovative and simple digital tool could bring a lot to this sector, we got closer to specialists in the medical and scientific sector and we developed Stibox and Mwoo. 

Sencrop : Connected weather stations for farmers

Our mission is to democratize precision technology to put it at the service of all and a more efficient agriculture that respects ecosystems. Sencrop develops connected, accessible and collaborative solutions around agri-environmental data.

The agro-meteo station connected, accessible to all: Rain gauges & anemometers connected to the service of a more precise, more efficient and more respectful agriculture ecosystems. 

CerbAir : Anti-drone fight

CerbAir is the leading French player in the fight against drones. Protection of sites, sensitive events: whatever the risk, trust our experts for the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.


Bioxegy : agence d’innovation et d’expertise en biomimétisme.

3.8 billions of years of R&D

Biomimicry: bet on the know-how of nature. The living is a great source of intelligent solutions. It is full of powerful techniques, optimized concepts and strategies proven by millions of years of evolution.

Bioxegy mobilises its biomimicry expertise and a network of focused Scientific and technological expertise to jointly codesign technologies, services and processes with your teams.

Pagachey : Digital platform that acts against food waste

Pagachey : Digital platform that acts against food waste by connecting individuals, neighborhood traders with their neighborhood.

In the current food system in France, Pagachey provides the necessary complement to not spoil food that could be unsold or lost. Pagachey promotes 3 main values:

  • Minimizing food waste is our first goal.
  • The hygiene standards are paramount, Pagachey aims to guarantee and promote them.
  • Encourage nice meetings around good food plans.

Internest : Accuracy landing in complex environment

Internest‘s ambition is to assist and improve drones and helicopters’ flight safety in their critical operations.

Therefore, Internest‘s team has designed and developed LoLaS (Local Landing System), an embedded system based on hardware components and their firmware.

Thanks to the fusion of multiple technologies LoLaS provides an accurate and reliable positioning of information, the weather or the environment.